viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

Little Bastards on 4 legs -the Dog's Manifesto-

Well, ¡that's it!
You choose us. You adopt us. You walk us.
We don't choose you, neither we don't adopt you, but we walk you.

It's over.
The is in town ready to flourish our bad arts to defend from assholes. It's time to fight for our rights.

We demand:
-Cooked meals.
-A daily fuss hour.
-A "tapita" when we wait for you outside of the bar.
-Trimestral bath without soap.
-¡Attention grannies! We rather prefer the coldness than to make laugh with those ridiculous clothes.
-¡Walks! Not sittin in some bench's park. 

During all these years of dictatorial regime we'd lost our compassion. We've got nothing left. We won't doubt to use our bad mind to give you back all those dirty tricks from all these years of sumission.

I'd like to tell you also that we would obey more if you would speak more clearly to us.

Now you know.

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